As a former municipal judge I have overseen all sorts of cases across the years. Be it real estate, criminal litigation or property ownership I have made decisions and thought critically about all the things that can tip a case verdict that hangs in the balance. It was no easy task, and there were even times when it brought great stress to my life, but the lessons I have learned have helped me to establish what I believe to be an honest and efficient firm of law under my own wings. No longer sitting in the judge’s seat, I operate Duren Law Offices and also deal with personal clients in my own time. As a private legal advisor I have often wondered what connections can truly be made between cases, if any. In this article I review some of these critical thoughts for the casual reader and entry level follower of legislation.

Many legal advisors and attorneys make the mistake of applying the same modes of thinking to different cases expecting to see the results continue in a uniform manner. Such is the danger of specialised, individual attorneys that claim to be experts in a single field. In my personal experience as a judge and attorney I have found consistently that flexible, renewed thinking is most beneficial when approaching new cases. Experience is highly important and the education that one has received is invaluable, but putting them practice in new scenarios is an entirely different matter and requires real integrity.

The team that I have assembled over at Duren Law Offices has helped me to defend these values in the world of legal advice and action. Holding close the idea that we must be innovative at every turn has enabled me to create an environment for creative thinkers that can adapt to any case no matter the field. Hence why over at Duren Law Offices we observe a great deal of legal fields, many of which were overseen by myself personally as a district judge. From personal injury to property deeds the ethics remain the same for each client. Dedication to the case and and clarity of communication. Connecting cases together is difficult, as is the same with legal fields, but after practicing many different cases for a range of clients one realises that solid ethical foundations and tenets of practice are essential to maintaining integrity.

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